Why become a Member of Excellence VIP Services?



Why become a Member of Excellence VIP Services?



By becoming a member of our select Club of Excellence VIP Services, you begin to be part of a world of luxury, dedicated entirely to provide you with the most exclusive services through our high added value support.
You will have total priority in all services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
In addition to Excellence VIP Services as a VIP Member, we can make available a "Personal Assistant" assigned to you alone who can travel with you wherever your needs are to make your lifestyle easier.

Membership Options
Looking for a fantastic VIP Membership program?
Excellence VIP Services offers our clients world leading Luxury Concierge Services and Lifestyle Management Options. As a global leader in the Luxury Concierge Industry, Excellence VIP Services provides bespoke Membership options for some of the most discerning clientele around the world.
All Membership Options are fully customized for each client and provide unique amenities and services for clients who value unsurpassed convenience, the highest degree of luxury, exclusivity and impeccable service. From entertainment, leisure and travel to, VIP, bespoke and lifestyle services, Excellence VIP Services invites you to be part of an exclusive world of luxury, convenience and accessibility with its VIP Membership. We are dedicated to providing our clients with superior services for individuals, couples, families, executives or corporations, no matter where life takes you.

A World of Options
Your ticket to the best that life has to offer, Excellence VIP Services Unique VIP Membership Options provides the perfect combination of all our Concierge & Lifestyle Management programs, offering clients an unsurpassed range of Concierge & Luxury Lifestyle Management solutions designed to enhance their life, while managing your time and resources effectively.
From exquisite gift ideas to dinner reservations, unique experiences or the ultimate red carpet experience, our dedicated account specialists work around the clock and around the world to ensure your wishes are always fulfilled. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Excellence VIP Services offers a number of VIP Membership choices to cater to your preferred level of assistance.
Once a Membership application has been submitted, the specific needs of the customer will be processed and assessed before the Membership is accepted.
Once accepted, members will receive a Membership Card with additional Membership information.

No service charges
No limit on territory coverage
Multiple Authorized Users
There is no limit on type of services
There is no limit on access to events

All MEMBERSHIP Options are fully customized for each customer, providing the highest degree of luxury, exclusivity and impeccable service.


Experience the world of Luxury!

* Dedicated Lifestyle Managers
* Unique and Exclusive Experiences
* Security Services
* Domestic Help
* Private Travel Management
* Specialty/High-Value Goods Procurement
* Event Access & VIP Support
* Yachts / Boats
* Private Aircrafts
* Villas and Hotels
* Personal / Corporate Concierge
* Assistance 24/7/365 days a year
* Membership Options
* Chauffeur Service
* Corporate and Sports Events
* Acquisition of exclusive products
* Global coverage
* Personalized travel planning / itineraries
* Rates and discounts
* Exclusive travel packages
* Booking Services

Make the most out of it, while we handle the rest !!!


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